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Get your fitness journey back on track

Have you lost motivation or let your training plan slip? Do you need a push to get back into your fitness and nutrition routine? The reality is no-one can change this outcome apart from you. However, our Impact Online Coaching Programme is designed to help you get your fitness journey back on track!

You'll get out of life what you put into it.

Online Coaching

6-week online coaching

Our Online Coaching Package Includes:
  • Tailored workout plan
  • Tailored nutrition plan
  • Private coaching
  • Weekly check-ins

How does the online coaching work?

We take the time to discuss where you are in your fitness journey and plan out your goals. From this information we can create a bespoke plan based on your fitness level, goals and how often you wish to exercise, however we recommend no less that 2 days a week to get you started.

During your plan we will have weekly check-ins where we can discuss your progress and make any changes to your plan.

The Nutrition PLan

With our online coaching package, you will be provided with a nutrition booklet and diet plan tailored to your calorie requirements.

This booklet helps you structure your meals and snacks based on what you have on that day, week & weekend. It also includes a "how to build your own meals" which contains lots of options and customisations choosing from a list of protein, carb and fat ingredients to give you variety in your daily meals.

To help you stick to your required calories and macros you are advised how much of each food to prepare. We want you to enjoy and stick to your new food plan, so there are still opportunities to enjoy all the foods you love so you won’t feel like you're on a “diet”!

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