Pros and cons of working with a personal trainer

Last week you were moaning to your friends about your lack of motivation at the gym, blaming lack of results and a life that is too busy at work or looking after the kids.

She only went and suggested working with a Personal Trainer! I was like – Hold up! Who do you think I am? I’m not some fitness fanatic or a celebrity! Ha Ha (emoticon!)

A personal trainer, sounds like something only a celebrity or a fitness fanatic might have. However if you’ve been struggling with confidence, weight loss/gain or just a general lack of motivation a personal trainer could be just what you need.

This article explores the positives and negatives of having a personal trainer, to help you decide if getting a Personal trainer is right for you.

Pros of having a Personal Trainer

1. The Personal Trainer will hold you accountable

Nowadays we are all super busy trying to juggle so much at once that it is so easy to fall out of the routine of going to the gym. You find yourself promising that you’ll go tomorrow, day after day until it’s been two weeks and you’ve still not seen the inside of the gym.

We’ve all done it.

Having a personal trainer, and a set time to go every week will push you to go because quite frankly you’ve paid for it! Having someone to question why you’re missing a session or why you haven’t been in ages can make you feel accountable and push you to make sure you are regularly attending the gym.

They can also hold you accountable for the amount of effort you put in once you get to the gym. There will be no lazy time scrolling on your phone at the gym when you have a personal trainer pushing you to make the most of your sessions.

2. The Personal Trainer can help you push you

Having a personal trainer can help motivate you to push past your comfort zone, helping you to feel proud of what you achieve. Having someone to motivate you, is always a positive thing.

If you’re training for an event or have a particular goal, having a personal trainer can help you to achieve that. They can challenge you in a safe way that will stretch and improve your fitness.

3. A Personal Trainer will teach you the correct technique

Good technique is at the heart of any efficient workout. However, with advice from friends and tips online it can be confusing to know what is right and wrong meaning the effort you are putting in can prove fruitless. In fact, carrying out exercises without having proper knowledge or form, can actually cause you more harm than good.

Having someone who can share their knowledge with you and guide you, can not only help you avoid injuring yourself, but can also help you achieve your goal faster. Your personal trainer will know which exercises will be best to work out the muscle groups you want to target.

4. They can help change your lifestyle

A personal trainer can not only help you within the gym, but also with your lifestyle outside the gym.

Personal trainers will often have good knowledge of the kinds of food you should be eating, and they can give you top tips on ways to make the most of your gym work-outs by eating the correct food.

In addition, you will also often find a general shift in your mental health, especially if you work with one over a longer period and get to know each other. By setting boundaries for your physical wellbeing, you will start to reflect how these can also operate in your everyday life.

5. A Personal Trainer can help you create a bespoke plan

Whether you are training for a marathon, a body building contest, or looking to lose weight, your personal trainer can help teach you what exercises will be best to achieve your ambitions.

Working out your overall body will benefit you regardless of what your goal is, however having a plan tailored to your needs will help you reach your goal faster.

If you have disabilities or health concerns that have put you off exercise perhaps altogether; a personal trainer can create a plan that will protect you from further injury but also maximise your available opportunities.

The Cons of having a Personal Trainer

1. The extra cost of a Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer can cost from £30 – 65 per hour depending on where you live, however the value back far outstrips that.

The knowledge you gain from a trainer can benefit you not only now but also going forward in the future, even if you go back to working out alone. It can also mean that you reach your goals quicker, so spend less money and time trying to get fit. How much have you spent on dieting programs and at home equipment over the years?

2. Having to work to a Personal trainer’s schedule

Personal trainers can be really busy, so sometimes trying to fit your availability to theirs isn’t easy! If you are someone who likes spontaneous gym sessions when you are in the mood to work out, you might find it frustrating that your trainer isn’t always available when you want.

Gyms often have multiple trainers though, so you can find one who’s availability matches yours. Most people find the routine of meeting your trainer one of the reasons their plan stays on track because it is a non-negotiable; basically you are prioritising your health. If you join a gym at the same time as working with a personal trainer you can always fit your spontaneous workouts to the remaining days in your week – just remember you also need to fit in rest days.

3. Potential personality clashes with a personal trainer

Finding the right PT isn’t just about ensuring they have proper qualifications (although this is important to do) it is also about ensuring you have a good personality match.

Everyone is motivated by different kinds of encouragement and every trainer will have a slightly different style, so if you’ve a trainer that didn’t work for you don’t throw the concept completely out the window – the best idea might be to just try a new one.

It can feel frustrating that it isn’t just as straight forward as matching with the first trainer you find, but the best thing to do is to join a gym where there a few coaches available. This means you can chat to different personal trainers and other people in the gym before finding someone who matches your needs.

4. Personal Trainer education and approach can vary so much

It’s important when you are looking for a trainer that you find someone qualified to teach you. You can damage yourself by doing exercises wrong, and can feel put off by someone who expects to much. Therefore finding someone that is knowledgeable and is able to translate that into helping you, is key.

It is also important to ensure that whoever is training you is up to date with the current fitness information and that they follow a healthy lifestyle themselves. It’s hard to feel motivated by someone who doesn’t bother to look after themselves!

5. You can’t hide from a Personal Trainer!

A personal trainer is hired to help you achieve goals. You can’t hide at the back of the class and shrug your shoulders when they ask a question. They will work with you and motivate you to push through pain barriers but if you come with the wrong attitude or don’t even bother turning up you will not get the results you want!

For that reason they will ask the direct questions and get to the route of your problems; whether that be snack eating, stress, lack of sleep, depression and help you to tackle it. This can be a bit upfront for people, particularly if they are trying to hide from reality. However, it is also a huge reason for why people see so much success from working with a Personal Trainer.

Pros and Cons of having a Personal Trainer


Do you really want to make changes to your health & wellbeing?

Having a personal trainer can motivate you to achieve goals; pushing you past the point where you may have previously quit and drive you to smash targets. It doesn’t come cheap, however if it helps you to achieve your dreams is it worth it? I mean how long have you been dealing with your frustrations?

There is less opportunity to hide with a personal trainer, so if you still want to hide from reality you may find this harder to adjust to, however a Personal Trainer is there to support you along the journey. If you’ve been suffering from health issues and are upset about how it is impacting your general wellbeing a personal trainer could have you smiling and loving your body again.

If you’re looking to find a trainer and don’t know where to start, why not check out our page for more information